Wonderland Session #13: Your Secret Motives (And Why They Make You Do Crazy Things)

This time last week, I was in the SAP Center in San Jose, screaming myself hoarse with 12,000 others while Tony Robbins laughed, yelled, danced, and sprayed a SuperSoaker from the stage. And can I tell you a secret? I had the time of my life.

For the last 12 weeks, I’ve been livestreaming the lessons I’ve learned from Abraham-Hicks. It’s no exaggeration to say that Abe’s concepts have changed the way I look at life… But seeing Tony was like adding rocket fuel to what I already knew!

At first glance, you might not think a teacher of metaphysics and Tony Robbins had much in common. But you would be dead wrong. They teach THE EXACT SAME THINGS… But the way Tony teaches it gives it amazing firepower, adds drums and bass, and celebrates with fireworks. It is a massive, massive up-levelling.

When I first started listening to Abraham-Hicks, I thought, ‘As long as I feel good, everything in my life will work.’ And that is correct, but it’s only a piece of the story. Here’s how it actually works: when you feel good first, then use your tools and techniques on top of it, YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

Tony taught us so many incredible techniques that — truly — have me seeing the world in an entirely new way. I have insight into the way that people operate which has blown my mind.

And it has already opened up my life. On Sunday night, my boyfriend and I (accidentally) walked into a post-event party held by the crew of the event. I made friends with a rad girl from Slovenia (who has her Masters in Molecular Nutrition and also works as an energy healer), and we exchanged information. On Tuesday night, she messaged me — she was stuck in Philadelphia, and did I have a couch she could sleep on? Of course, I said yes. We’ve been having an awesome slumber party ever since, and I am learning so much from her!

Anyway. Click below to watch my 13th Wonderland Session, where I share some of my favourite things that I learned at Unleash The Power Within. This shit will blow your mind, I promise. I think this is my favourite episode ever!


Once you’ve watched the video, have a think about those questions, and then journal your answers!

What have your top 2 needs been?
What has that cost you?
What top 2 needs would transform your life?
What would your life look like if you prioritised these new needs?

If you feel like sharing, click through to Youtube and let me know your answers!

Next week, we’ll be going into some of the positive and negative ways we can meet our needs, and replace some of our old habits with better ones.

By the way, if this has you jazzed, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to head to Unleash The Power Within. The next one is in Chicago on July 12th! Even better, if you call them (800-488-6040) and mention my name, you’ll get $100 off their best ticket price! And then please email me and tell me how much it changed your life. Hahah.

I cannot wait for Date With Destiny in December. You should meet me there!

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