Wonderland Session #14: How To Be Truly Fulfilled

It has been an insane month. From four days with 12,000 people at Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within, to a weekend with Mama Gena in New York City, and all that has happened in between: chakra realignment, theta healing sessions, dancing naked in public, and screaming at the top of my lungs (more times than I can count). Really. March 2018 has been like some kind of mind, body and spirit bootcamp.

What I can tell you is that I am a completely different person.

Not just in the way that I see myself, but in the way that I see others. In the way that I relate to others. In the way that I see the world, the stars, and the universe.

It has been wild, transformative, terrifying, rocky, ecstatic. And as always, when I choose to grit my teeth and hang on — instead of shying away, playing small, excusing myself, taking the exit — I have been rewarded for it in so many ways.

I have a lot-lot-lot to say about it. The next episode of my podcast will be all about it. But for now, I wanted to share my latest Wonderland Session from yesterday!

Last week, I talked about the six human needs we all have, and how they can make us do crazy things. This week, I went deeper on the concept and explored how we can use them to make sure that we are feeling truly fulfilled in our lives. If you’ve been struggling with feeling bored, lonely, stuck, or anxious, this video has MAJOR clues as to why that is, and most importantly, exactly what you can do to remedy it.



When you watch all the way through, you’ll notice that I shared some very important questions that will help you stop spinning your wheels. If you feel like sharing, click through to Youtube and let me know your answers!

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Photo by Made U Look Photography.