Wonderland Session #18: Protect Your Energy

If you want to live a sensational life, protecting your energy should be one of your most essential practices. When you don’t protect your energy, you end up feeling exhausted, resentful, and trapped, living a life that doesn’t light you up. This is a lesson that has taken me a long time to truly get… But now that I GET IT, I wanted to share my tools with you.

That’s what we talked about in yesterday’s Wonderland Session. It was so fun, too, because I put it to you all in a VOTE! (It goes down in the Instagram Stories, ya know.) I asked, which would you prefer I talk about? Tapping, or protecting your energy? Protecting your energy was the winner, but I had a lot of votes for tapping, so we’ll get into that next week!

Click below to discover how you can protect your energy — and your magic — so that you can flourish and go stratospheric.



“If you want to do something in the world, you have to choose yourself first. And I’m choosing myself. I’m in a place where I get to choose: do I want to stay small and be in this comfortable situation, or do I want to take the risk and gamble and potentially go stratospheric? I always want to go stratospheric!”

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Photo by Made U Look Photography.