Wonderland Session #20: How To Be A Manifesting Queen

I was texting with Nubby the other day, when she said: “I was thinking, I hope you can save these text messages so you have a running timeline of what your life was like at this time for your book. Not all the down and dirty specifics, but more of your mindset, the changes you made and how you manifested what you wanted. It would be AMAZING because you literally created your new, ideal life in a month flat!”

And… The girl is right. (She’s also known me for a decade, so she knows my history too!)

What she said inspired me so much that I started making notes about my attitude and what I had been doing to create a delicious new life. And then I jumped on Instagram Live and started talking about it!



I hope you enjoy this one. Don’t miss the last part about the difference between understanding something intellectually, trying something, and then integrating it — ’cause that’s essential!

I’m going live on Instagram again today, this time with Alexandra Roxo! Tune in at 2pm EST. We’re going to be talking about friendship as a spiritual practice, with tips on what we’ve done to cultivate our relationship as we lived on opposite coasts for the last year! Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss it, and subscribe to my YouTube channel too, so you get all my new videos instantly!

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Photo by Made U Look Photography.