Wonderland Session #21: Friendship As A Spiritual Practice

It’s true that as you get older, your friendships change and evolve. The people we used to spend endless hours with get married, have families, move away, or start to have a different idea of what constitutes a rocking Saturday night. Sometimes these changes can be hard to navigate: try as we might, we often take it personally, or worry that we won’t be able to have friendships like that again.

These days, my friendships are a point of personal pride. I don’t have huge loads of friends, but I am very conscious about who I let into my life… And I treat them like gold.

In this Wonderland Session, featuring guest star Alexandra Roxo, we talk about how we can look at our friendships as a form of spiritual practice. We discuss how to find and create meaningful friendships, what it takes to build trust, how to maintain friendships, what to do when feelings get hurt, and how to treasure the people in your life.

It’s pretty delicious. I think you’ll like it!



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Photo by Made U Look Photography.