Wonderland Session #7: Making Focus Wheels

I enjoyed doing our weekly Wonderland Sessions so much that yesterday, I decided to bring them back! Yay! *Throws confetti* I sat down in a very pink outfit to share a new technique that will help you with manifesting the things that you want, and even more importantly, assist you in feeling good!

Wonderland Session #7 is about how to make a focus wheel. This is an Abraham-Hicks technique that you can use to move from outside the vortex — that place that doesn’t feel good — to inside the vortex, where everything feels wonderful.

Focus wheels don’t take long to do and they are really powerful. They’re also great things to work into your sacred morning practice, though of course, you can do them whenever you like!

I put my own twist on focus wheels, naturally… And I think you’ll enjoy the way I teach it. In addition to explaining the technique and showing you an example, we also worked as a group to create a new focus wheel together. It was so much fun!

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