Wonderland Session #8: Don’t Take It Personally

Another Tuesday, another Wonderland Session… Have they become a part of your weekly routine yet? I’ve received so many messages from cute little kittens telling me that they binge-watch these videos, which makes me so happy! Please share them with your friends if you find them helpful. The more people we have in the vortex the better!

Wonderland Session #8 is all about not taking things personally, and how the things I’ve been teaching you over the last couple of months dovetail perfectly with The Four Agreements, a book by (Virgo) Don Miguel Ruiz which breaks the idea of living with integrity into four easy slices. If you haven’t read it yet, please pick up a copy. It’s delightful, deep, and simple all at once.

Taking things personally can be such a fly in the ointment. We think other people’s bad moods are our problem (and then we bring our vibration down to try to match theirs), we think we’ve done something wrong (when really it has nothing to do with us), and we get offended by things that are not our business. Talk about a disruption to feeling good! Learning not to take things personally is an essential step when it comes to amping up your personal power.

So if you — like, uh, everyone else on the planet — have trouble not taking things personally, be sure to check out this week’s Wonderland Session. There are lots of ideas to help you brush it off!

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