Wonderland Session #9: Letting Go Of Old Stories

Hello, sweet thing! Yesterday at 2pm I went live on Instagram (you’re following me, right?!) for our ninth Wonderland Session. We had a blast, and I even got a message from the lovely Jenovia afterwards saying this was the best Wonderland Session yet. Yay! But of course, watch it and judge for yourself!

This session was focussed around answering Lari Golightly’s question — she asked me on Instagram a day prior — which was, how do you let go of old stories so that you can become who you want to be? It’s a killer question and I had a LOT to say about it!

One of the most important pieces of this is knowing that there is no process of things we need to do to become the babe of our dreams. That’s all just salad dressing… As you will discover in the video below!


I hope you enjoy this one. I absolutely loved filming it for you!

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