Wonderland Sessions #3: Radical Self Love

Hello you gorgeous thing! Yesterday, I sat down to do my third Wonderland Session — these are live broadcasts where I talk about the concepts I’ve been learning and practicing lately. I’ve been enjoying speaking live to you so much!

The coolest thing about the Wonderland Sessions is that the advice is truly actionable… And during every broadcast, I get comments from people saying they’ve been implementing what I’ve spoken about, and that it is transforming their lives. That’s what it’s all about, people!

I did a poll on my Instagram asking what the third session should be about, and radical self love won by a landslide. What transpired is a 30 minute chat around how feeling good helps us create the lives we’ve always wanted, where we can get inspiration to be creative, go to the gym, or change our lives, and how you can feel good RIGHT NOW!

The recording of yesterday’s session is below, so click to watch.


By the way, that original post about creating a Sacred Morning practice is right here.

I hope you enjoy it… And if you try using these practices in your real life, I’d love to hear about what happens. Send me a DM!

Kisses from the vortex,