Wonderland Sessions #5: What Is The Vortex?

Yesterday I sat down to make our second-to-last Wonderland Session video. It was lovely: I wore a long blonde Barbie wig and leopard-print leggings, we talked about the practical applications of making feeling good a priority, and explored a question you might have been asking for a while, namely: what is the vortex?

It’s a good question!

We also discussed the danger of looking for those good feeling elsewhere (also known as “looking for love in all the wrong places”), how we can deactivate our problems for good, the addiction of unpleasant thoughts, and how essential it is to CREATE rather than OBSERVE.

Plus, I rant about how essential it is to let yourself cry and feel shitty if that’s where you are… Because the other side of it is always expansion, beauty, and juiciness.


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Have a beautiful holiday. I’ll be in New York with my man and his daughter, enjoying the glow of our white and rainbow Christmas tree, and probably watching lots of silly videos.

Kisses from the vortex,

Photos by Kimberley Gordon.