Year In Review Questions To Make 2018 The Best Ever

2017 was such a doozy of a year for many of us. It took me most of the year to wake up and realise that constantly focussing on what made me unhappy was not, in fact, going to make me feel better! Maybe you’re in the same boat. I realised, near the end of the summer, that I couldn’t keep bombarding myself with tragedy and expect to feel anything other than wretched. And so I had to change my habits.

When I looked back on it, I realised that I learned so much over this past year — about myself, about others, and about love, creativity, abundance and joy — so it made sense to sit down and make a video for you guys featuring some end of year review questions!

We had such a good time going through this on new year’s eve, but it’s never too late to do a year in review! I really recommend it, and of course, it goes brilliantly with a copy of the 2018 Almanac! (Wink wink.)


Here’s to a wonderful 2018.

Love always,

Title photo via Studio DIY.