YOU Condoms

See my disclaimer!

Eye eye, cap'n!

Want an unusual gift? Loathe the impracticality of your standard business card? Have a penchant for making balloon animals out of inflated condoms?

Oh, baby! Do I have the thing for you?!

YOU Condoms from Condomania!

What’s the concept? Well, you choose a picture of yourself, send it in, add a line of text (if you want), then sit back & wait for your personalised condoms to arrive in your, ahem, post box!

It’s a very odd product, to be sure. How many people do you really want to see your face just before they “get freaky”?! It might be good for a porn star, a gynaecologist or a sex writer (I can see Violet Blue rocking these) but I’m hard pressed to think of anyone else! If you used them in place of a business card, you would need to be working in a very liberal industry!

I love them, regardless — I think they’re absolutely hilarious, & have been handing them out to lucky (& unlucky) people all over the place. Who knows whether they will ever be put to good use? In fact, I think I’d prefer not to know!

So, what do you think? Would you use them? Who would you give them to?!