Your Life As Haiku

We did this last year when I first got to New York, & I thought it was time to revisit it! Did you participate last time? What did you say?

Back in 2008, one of mine was…

I love this city.
We wake up early to roam,
with hair like wild vines.

These days, it would go more like…

Liza, is that you?

There’s nothing like a
vintage bowler hat to make
you feel like Liza.

Last night I wore huge feathers
atop my noggin. It was
terrifically rad.

(Oh, photos to come!)

If he is The Dish,
am I The Spoon? As in, “The
Dish ran away with…”?!

Even after all
the madness, New York is still
my version of bliss.

How about you?