New Moon Magic: April 2016

Who’s in the mood for a full system reboot? I know I am! (In fact, I’ve been feeling a fresh vibe blowing a sassy breeze for the last week or so.) Next Thursday, on April 7th, we’re going to be treated to an Aries New Moon, and it’s time to view ourselves — and our lives — with a whole new perspective.

When it comes to the zodiac, Aries is at the start of the wheel, which means that we’re gearing up for the astrological new year! If January 1st didn’t feel all that thrilling to you, or if you’re feeling a little bit behind on all the things you want to get done in 2016, this is your perfect opportunity to start all over again.

Below, the AstroTwins have the scoop on what’s going on astrologically, and I’ve followed it up with a handful of ways to optimise the energy. Let’s get it!


APRIL 7 2016

IN THE SKY… (The AstroTwins)

The Aries new moon is also a supermoon, making its powers especially potent because the moon is at its closest possible distance to the earth. Aries is the zodiac’s first sign, so this charged-up status will give our new initiatives and fresh starts some extra oomph.

Adding to that spring zing, the new moon will travel in close proximity to radical changemaker Uranus, prompting us to break out of old habits and patterns. Make a bold beginning, take initiative, swing far out of your comfort zone. With the moon and Uranus both in Aries, the sign of the individual, this is definitely a moment for radical self-love!

Just watch a tendency to be TOO impulsive. A calculated risk is one thing, a foolish gamble is quite another. Luckily, this new moon gets a beam from responsible Saturn, which is angled in a close, harmonious trine (120-degree angle) to la luna. Disciplined Saturn can ensure that we don’t go off the rails with our new ventures. Keep your feet on the ground while you stretch beyond your limits and you can’t lose!


ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you are always in the same place.” — Nora Roberts

I’m so excited about this Aries New Moon. It’s about rebirth and fierce new beginnings, so if you’ve been feeling stuck in any areas of your life, this is the time to declare a fresh intention and charge into it with all your might. But beware: there is so much energy behind an Aries New Moon that you’ll certainly be pushed to follow through on any goals you set. Be careful what you wish for!

So ask yourself: what isn’t working in your life? Is it a relationship, a job, a living situation? Or perhaps it’s more subtle. Maybe it’s an old pattern, a limiting belief, a fear that holds you back. This is the perfect time to say “FUCK THAT” and be reborn as a whole new you.

Every single day, you have the opportunity to become a new person. If you don’t want to continue operating at the same frequency, going through the same old routines, and being triggered by the same old things, you don’t have to. We have the power to choose again every single day. But if you want to make a big change, this Moon is all about it. Take the chance. Transform yourself into the babe you knew you always could be. Astound yourself!

A great way to set intentions and keep them at the forefront of your mind is to carve yourself a candle. After all, every time you light it, you’ll be reminded of what you’re working towards. On the surface, it’s easy: buy a candle, anoint it with oil (an essential oil or a special blend), carve symbols or sigils into it, and light it. But there’s more to it than that.

Carving a candle is an exercise in focussing your mind. As you do all of the steps above, think about what you want to create. Visualise the candle as a symbol of your intent. Infuse the candle with your energy and passion. Make it fun: listen to music while you do it, rub glitter into the carvings, laugh as you (inevitably) spill oil all over yourself. And then let it burn. Every time you re-light the candle, think about what you want to manifest. There’s a great beginner’s guide to candle magick which I recommend checking out.

Alternatively, you can order a custom candle from Enchantments, NYC’s best witch store. I get a new candle from them at least once a month. They are legit!

One of my new favourite tarot card spreads was created by Michele Knight, and it’s called the life-changing tarot spread. This is the perfect spread for this New Moon, because it’s all about leaving behind what is no longer working and charging boldly into the future. Here’s how it works.

Shuffle and cut your deck as usual, then select five cards. Lay them out in a row.

The 1st card indicates what you are leaving behind. It can indicate an aspect of yourself, or an actual person.

The 2nd card is about what you are really leaving behind. As Michele says, “This can be a mindset as opposed to an actual person or situation.” Allow yourself to interpret this card without any preconceived notions.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th cards are the three choices ahead of you, also known as your points of power. What do they represent and how do the cards align with your goals or intentions? This might not be immediately apparent, so give yourself some time to meditate on each one.

If you try this spread, take a photo and share it on Instagram with the #radicalselflovecoven hashtag! I’d love to see how it works out for you.

Think back to what I said at the beginning of this section about diving deep into what isn’t working. As great as it is to set new intentions, you can’t just keep heaping new stuff on top of new stuff. You have to let go of the old things that aren’t serving you anymore.

So choose an object that symbolises your old self. If it’s an old relationship, maybe it’s a piece of jewelry your ex-lover gave you. If it’s a job, maybe it’s an old pay-stub. And if it’s a pattern — say, maybe chronic shyness — grab that sweater you wear when you want to be invisible.

Now leave it behind. Burn it or bury it, and feel the delight as you watch it crackle or see it covered with dirt. Maybe there’s no physical object that really represents what you want to get rid of, and that’s okay too. Just hold the vision of what you want to let go of in your mind, and then either blow it into your hands and let it scatter on the wind, or wade into the sea and leave it behind you, and keep your back to the horizon as you walk out of the ocean.

Just like last year, I’m going to be spending this Aries New Moon on a beach in Tulum, where I’m leading a ritual that will contain plenty of glitter, hot pink roses, and a magickal oil called “Badass”. I mean… !

Whatever you do to celebrate this Aries New Moon, I hope you enjoy it, and that the Moon gives you a delicious spike of energy to help you get started on making your dreams come true.

Love and sunshine,

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Photos of Zandra Rhodes from The Selby. I met her once. She’s awesome.