These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: February 2013

Bonjour!A pink Crown & Glory bow, a bonjour pin by Jennifer Loiselle and my favourite leopard coat!

So much happens in a month, and it’s exactly this premise that helped to shape and inspire this new column!

I use and experiment with so many things in a 30 day period, but those things don’t always make it to the blog. This is a fun way for me to clue you in on my new favourite products, obsessions and ideas, and I’m really excited about it!

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things is pretty self-explanatory: in a variety of categories, I’ll give you a rundown of what I consider to be the best of the month. Oh, and do let me know if there’s any category that I have clearly forgotten to mention!

CelineNow this is a handbag.

I am absolutely in love with my bob, and can’t help thinking that this could be my signature haircut. It really is perfect.

I’ve been experimenting with lip colour a lot this month. It’s ideal in these frozen temperatures; nothing cheers you up like a bright lip! My current favourite lipstick is Illamasqua in Corrupt. It’s so damn bright and it makes me so damn happy! The woman who checked out my purchase at Sephora was wearing Atomic and it looked gorgeous. I’ll be trying that next!

Well, I haven’t bought anything this month except these Dolce & Gabbana glasses, which I kinda love and which my trainer said make me look like the original Catwoman. (Compliment!) You can find them on Amazon or at Lenscrafters.

I tend to do what I call a buying cleanse once a year. I still allow myself to buy essentials, like food, face wipes, and lipstick (oops), but no clothing is allowed. It really helps me get back to a balance-point, to realise that I have more than enough, and to stop obsessing. It also helps me think strategically about where to go next, stylistically. The end result is that I’m feeling a little more sane about heading into spring!

This month, I’ve been doing the Clean Program, so my eating has been limited to Clean-approved foods. Basically this means lots of organic chicken, salmon and vegetables, and cutting out sugar, dairy and wheat. My skin looks so great right now, which I know is not a coincidence! Very glowy, clear and fabulous.

It’s exciting to have given up sugar, and last night when I was looking at Pinterest, the sight of cakes, macarons and pastries filled with sugar, food colouring and cream made me feel slightly ill! I would love to stay away from sugar once my cleanse is over. I have about a week and a half left.

I’ve been doing quite intense work-outs, so I’ve started making myself a pre-workout shake. Monday’s shake consisted of hemp protein powder, coconut butter, almond milk, mixed berries and some raw cacao. I mixed it all up in a few seconds in this single-serve blender. It was delicious and really helped me power through!

My favourite Clean-approved snack is green apple slices with almond butter. Oh my goodness. You don’t even KNOW.

I recently discovered Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh green juice, which tastes excellent for a green juice, and — since it’s sold in Starbucks everywhere — is an awesome way to get healthy nutrients on-the-go. No excuses now!

Vampire ball InstaxA photo of a photo…

There was plenty of fun this month, despite the cold. The Kate Spade presentation was absolutely glorious, and even better, I got to see my favourite mama, Naomi! I also spoke at Social Media Week, went on a girl date with the Juicy Couture babes to get eyelash extensions, and enjoyed myself almost too much with Alexandra at City Bakery.

…But getting my goth on for Eternal Night, a vampire ball, was definitely one of the highlights of February for me. It excited my inner sixteen year old so much that I haven’t been able to stop teasing my hair since! (I’m going to do a full write-up on my experience soon.) Having said that, I’m going roller-skating tomorrow night, so we can’t write the month off quite yet!

I’m all about 8tracks at the moment. As well as creating my own mixes, I’ve been listening to other people’s, too. Some of my favourites include No Diggity No Doubt, French Femme Fatale, Brain Feeder, On A Trip, Karma Coma, goombay smash beetches (?!), The Pinnacle Of Badassery Part II, Funky Hip and Dirty-Funky-Soul-Jazz Vol. 19. They should keep you busy!

Glitter gel manicureThere’s that Victoria’s Secret cardigan again!

Lilac glitter with a sequin ring finger! This is what I like to think of as “casual sparkle”.

This is a gel manicure, which isn’t cheap, but it does last. I’m two weeks into this one and it still looks superb. Gel manicures are the best ever — since I discovered them, I haven’t bothered with nail-polish. I can’t see the point!

In New York City, Sakura is the only place I’ll go for a manicure. Tell your girl to hook it up!

TulipsA slice of my desk, right now.

There are tulips and potted daffodils being sold in every bodega flower stand right now, so of course, I couldn’t resist. As a result, my house is full of fresh tulips and vanilla candles.

I go through candles like mad, and I am extremely picky about what I burn. These candles by Therepe and Soy Basics smell fantastic and are totally inexpensive. Perfect for glamming up your parlour!

I have a copy of Kate Spade’s Things We Love on the desk beside me, which I keep thumbing through for inspiration. It’s full of bold type, eye-catching photographs and sweet sentiments, so clearly, it’s perfect!

It’s funny, I was sent a copy of their mini-book (also called Things We Love) a few years ago, and it contains some of the same content. It’s fascinating to see them make the jump from a skinny chapbook to a thick hardcover! Either way: j’adore Kate Spade, and how could you not when they sell clutches that look like antique radios?!

La Petite Robe NoireFavourite fragrance, bar none.

Ever since I discovered La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, I haven’t been able to wear anything else. It’s the perfect scent for winter: complex and sexy with a lingering scent of black cherries. I don’t know how appropriate it’ll be in summer, though, so we’ll see! (Another bonus: you get to practice your French whenever people ask what you’re wearing! It’s quite a mouthful, I assure you!)

I’d been idly thinking about Entourage — otherwise known as Sex & The City for men — for a while. So this month, I worked my way through the entire thing. I’d forgotten how enjoyable it really is!

I also loved Beyonce’s documentary, Life Is But A Dream. Did you see it? So cool.

Frye Heath Harness bootsThis is what happens 99% of the time I open an envelope!

I’ve worn my leopard faux fur coat so much this winter that the lining is shredded and falling apart. Quel d├ęsastre! I have also been wearing — shock, horror — JEANS, mostly my J.Crew toothpicks in black, but also some stretchy blue ones which are obscenely comfortable. Which brings me to my next question: what brand does jeans that will make my booty look spectacular? I need to know! (Tell me on Facebook!)

I’ve been basically living in my Frye Heath Harness boots (above). When I first got them, they rubbed the back of my ankle and I thought I had made a terrible mistake! (said in booming, foreboding voice), but they have softened with wear and now they are my favourite.

But really, I am ready for it to get warm. And soon!

Pretty much everything from Kate Spade’s fall preview… !

I also recently discovered Outdoor Technology’s Turtle Shell Wireless Boom Box which truly looks like the perfect thing to mount to my bicycle this summer. Music on the go = yes! Plus, it’s PINK! I see a lot more picnics in my future… (The video is so great and funny, too.)

My spending ban ends really soon and I’m excited about it. Ha!

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What a month, eh?! Soon, it will be spring, and the world will feel completely different… I can’t wait!

Love always,