Wonderland Session #16: Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

This week’s Wonderland Session is a visit to some foundations of radical self love, and law of attraction essentials. Sometimes we think we’ve “got it” or we understand all these things, but when we take a closer look at our lives, we realise… Maybe we don’t get it. Or maybe we get it in our minds, but we’re not embodying the information. By which I mean: we’re not really putting it into practice. We’re not getting results, which means we’re not demonstrating it through our actions.

I’m finally back in NYC after two delicious weeks in Los Angeles, and while I was there, pottering around in hotel rooms and going on long walks, I started typing names into YouTube — Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Harville Hendricks — to glean new information.

YouTube is such an incredible resource. You can find practically every audiobook, course, or lecture that has ever existed, and if you want to grow, it is essential that you feed your mind! You must keep searching out new sources for material and learning new things, hearing about different perspectives, and even the same ideas but explained by someone else.

The thing is, as much as we can hear and understand a concept, we need to EMBODY the information physically. One of my favourite things to do when I listen to audio classes is to use coloured markers to make notes in a big sketchbook. When you write down what you’re hearing — and it’s much more effective when you do this by hand, rather than on a laptop or a phone — you can retain almost 100% of what you’ve heard! And then, blow up the most pertinent pieces of info by putting them on posters and sticking them where you’ll see them all the time. You have to barrage your mind with these things in order for them to sink in.

In this video, we examine where your beliefs come from, and how exactly do you change them? You’ll also hear about how I’ve been putting this knowledge into PRACTICE. And you can do it too!




By the way, I have to say, I absolutely LOVED the feedback I got from last week’s session about my new Sacred Morning Practice! So many of you tried it and got immediate, beautiful results! I am SO HAPPY and I’m so excited for you all!!! If you haven’t tried it yet… Go for it!

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Love always,

Photo by my beautiful and talented friend Emily Faulstich.