Wonderland Session #19: Tapping For Beginners

Tapping changed my life. Tapping SAVED my life. This is not hyperbole. Before I discovered it, I was lurching from crisis to crisis, deep in the grips of an eating disorder that made me feel like I was losing my fucking mind. When I started using it, I was able to dismantle all the old stories I was telling myself… And my life transformed from black and white to raging technicolour.

In the video below, I demonstrate how to tap. It’s so easy! I wish this was taught in schools. Maybe one day! As you watch, I encourage you to join in. We tapped on money anxiety, feeling afraid to look at our bank accounts, and feeling irresponsible with money.



If this resonated with you, Radical Rituals: Abundance Level 2 closes on THURSDAY (that’s tomorrow!) and I’m not sure when I will re-open it again. I encourage you to join us! (I also encourage you to sign up for the original class so you can supercharge your results!)

Radical Rituals: Abundance Level 2 is about totally rebooting your abundance attitude. In the first class, we moved through money fear. In Level 2, you’ll discover how to completely upgrade how you view abundance. We’ll look at how money is the shadow of our internal worth, and how to shake that shit up in a serious way. Plus: lots of fun rituals, tapping, and sweet (and easy) ways to rewire your beliefs. It’s going to be awesome. Click here to join us!

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Photo by Made U Look Photography.