Wonderland Session #22: Q&A Session

In this week’s Wonderland Session, I went rogue! Totally unscripted, I sat there and answered your questions live on Instagram. It’s always a bit of a gamble when you go out there without a plan, but I think the questions that came up will be useful for you!

We discussed…

What should you do if the Vortex intimidates or freaks you out?

How to get motivated so that you can truly find yourself

How can you work with yourself to feel beautiful?

What to do when you lose interest in things that usually excite you

Should your creative passion really be your career? (My unpopular opinion? NOPE. Not necessarily.)

How can you stay in the Vortex when other people are just so goddamn ANNOYING sometimes?!

What should we hope to gain from a meditation practice, how should we begin, and how does it help with manifesting?

How do you attract love into your life? (P.S. Check out Love From The Inside Out [free!] and then Metaphysical Matchmaker!)

Suffice to say… We covered a lot of ground!



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Love always,

Photo by Made U Look Photography.