iCiNG’s Best Of: 2007

It’s been a major year! I’m so happy with what we’ve achieved here. I’ve said it before, but I couldn’t have done it without you — so thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart!

If you’re after some light reading for the next few days, here are my favourite articles from the past twelve months…

Living A More Celebratory Life
Style Icons: Diana Vreeland
How To Dress Up A School Uniform
Fashion Report: Summer/Autumn 2007
Super Street Style or Why These People Look So Damn Good
How To Throw A Tea-Party
Trends For 2007 and How To Avoid Looking Like A Fashion Victim
How To Choose A Flattering Haircut
The Ultimate Guide To Unnatural Hair Colouring
Marie Antoinette Style
The Definition Of Real Style (Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love iCiNG)

What Does Your Clothing Say About You?
Style Report: Melbourne 02/07
How To Pack A Suitcase
Matching Personality To Fragrance
Improving Your Life With Feng Shui (Or: Why I Bought Goldfish Today)
The Perfect Roadtrip
Valentine’s Day Treats

iCiNG Podcast #001
Putting The ‘Rave’ In Travel Since 1983!
Urban Bohemian
Gala’s Guide To Melbourne
How To Deal With The End Of A Relationship
How To Get A Great Tattoo And Never Regret It
Unexpected Guests
Negative People
How To Wear A Scarf
How To Settle Into A City (Part One: Social)
How To Settle Into A City (Part Two: Domestic)
How To Rock A Beehive
Visiting A Mall

I Was A Teenage Goth
Be Your Own Superhero
iCiNG’s Definition Of Chic
Apartment Living & The Single Gal
Modern Manners
Destructive Relationships
In Bed With Your Parents

“Business Casual”
Things I Learned From Watching Miss Universe 2007
How To Be Genuine With People You Dislike
Making Short Hair More Interesting
Things To Do In Summer
Things To Do In Winter
How To Buy A Good Pair Of Shoes
The Break-Up Rules
What To Do With Candles In Glass Jars?
How To Adopt A New Skincare Routine
Top 5 Ways To Define Your Own Personal Style
How To Rock A Wig

Eating Disorders
I Love Sarah Jessica Parker (& I Don’t Care What You Say)
The Cheap Date Guide To Style — Book Review
Hand & Nail Care
Pow-Wows & The Law Of Attraction
Grey Gardens
I Made Cupcakes!
The Essential Guide To Dressing For Your Shape
Gala’s Kissing Boot-Camp

Pole-Dancing & Raunch Culture
Style Icons: Marchesa Luisa Casati
Clothes Shopping Tips
Happy Gonzo Day!
I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life!
The Fashionable Jew
Irregular Choice Shoes I Love & The Imaginary People Who Wear Them
Long Distance Love
How To Have A Great Picnic
Gala’s Guide To Tennis Chic

I Love New York!
How To Survive Fashion Week
Betsey Johnson’s Apartment
Cheap Glee
O Magazine & Ellen Barkin
How To Start A Blog
Nu Rave
Style Icons: Madonna
Men’s Summer Style ’07
Japan Makes Me Happy

Fashion Report: Spring/Summer 2007/08
Sealed With A Kiss
Winter Essentials 2007
Summer Essentials 2007
Is Your Lover Good For You?
Skinny Bitch — Book Review
Equestrian Chic
Wardrobe Taming Series
Corset Remix
How To Be Confident
Happy Birthday To Me!

Decorating A Room
Embracing Your Inner Nerd
How To Be A Good Lover
Getting The Most Out Of Your Fashion Magazines
Wherever You Go, There You Are
Dressing For Music Festivals
Instant Glamour & Fashion Fixes
Hallowe’en Costumes
Spray Tanning Put To The Test!
Changing Your Name
How To Make Your CV Impressive
How To Dress Like Edie Sedgwick
A Doctor’s Dilemma
Dressing With The Essence Of Fairytales

Romancing Yourself
Unrequited Love
Preparatory Style
Rachel Zoe Versus Victoria Beckham
False Eyelashes
Gossip Girl Style
More EFT Information
Gala Darling Loves American Apparel!
Celebrity Outreach
Ensure Yourself A Lovely Week With The Help Of The Internet!
Living Together
Beloved Aesthetics

How To Perform A Striptease!
New Year’s Resolution Ideas!
Fabulous New Year’s Eve Outfits
Preparing For 2008
Christmas Cheer
Tomboy Boot Camp
Do You! — Book Review
A Model Search
My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Me To Get Tattoos!
Cupcake Showdown!