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Things I Love Thursday

Seeing a guy on a Harley-Davidson blasting Bon Jovi, sooooo funny & mega-cliché!; ORLY La Vida Loca nailpolish with ORLY Rocker Chick over the top; long portraits (Clayton Cubitt does these exceptionally well); the movie MOON with score by Clint Mansell who really, in my mind, can do no wrong; see also Mr Moon; my […]

Carousel — Week Ending 8th May 2009

I am feeling a teensy, teeny, leeeetle bit disillusioned & uninspired by the usual magic of the internet lately. I talked about this on Twitter the other day. I love the internet, but I just want to be in real life more. So I am spending less time with my computer. I’ve been taking walks, […]

Things I Love Thursday

Love — I had some realisations about love recently — time alone in airports & on planes & walking around with headphones on is good for me! One of the things I became aware of is that true, real love doesn’t have to be a competition or have any kind of goal, it’s just pure […]

Interview With Gala Darling: Part Three

The final part! Here we go, rapid-fire, quick questions! Favorite Diane Vreeland quote? (Mandy) “Never fear being vulgar; just boring.” Who would you really, really like to kiss under the mistletoe this year? (Kelly) I can’t really say, it will get me into trouble! So I’ll just say… Nubby! Aw! (It’s true, too. I love […]

Gala’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Arrrgghhhhhhh! It’s almost Christmas! Yes, it can be a time of extreme pain & near-homicide — but, my sweet, it does not have to be. For you see, my obsessive internet perusal has been put to good use, & I have a huge store of suggestions to spice up your gift-giving this year. The worst, […]

Ensure Yourself A Lovely Week With The Help Of The Internet!

I know there are lots of superb ways to improve your week, but when you’re stuck at a desk 5 days out of 7, it can be a bit tough to remember to breathe deeply, splash on some nice perfume or to muster the energy to go to yoga class. But never fear, because the […]

More Evidence Of International Dress Up Day #005!

Smashing! Love your work, ladies. You all look phenomenal. I hope you all had fun dressing up, but it sounds like you did! Vanessa: “Here’s my alter ego, a lascivious pirate named Gemma (long story) who cannot abide much clothing but absolutely loves jewelry of all sorts. She’s an expert with a gun and is […]

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