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Style Tips: Mimosas In The Bathtub!

Make a regular date to meet your lover in the bathtub… with mimosas. I love this idea so much, though I can’t take credit for it! When I had dinner with Shae last week, she told me that it was her favourite way to end the day! She & her husband have a standing date […]

Style Tips: Dinner Parties, Video Diaries & Long Train Journeys!

Photo by Adam Bartas Feel like you need a change? Buy a box of hair dye & radically alter your tresses! (Remember that if you stain floors or counters by mistake, whitening toothpaste scrubbed into the surface will make it look good as new again!) Recite your affirmations over breakfast (like sweet Katie E. does!). […]

Style Tips: 11th October 2010

Photograph by Yumna. Haven’t done one of these whooo-oh-oaah, for the longest time! (Sorry, Billy.) Let’s resurrect these suckers… ! Monday 11th October Change your cellphone number! The people who matter will reconnect with you; the people who don’t won’t. It’s the easiest (& least confrontational) way of removing the dead weight from your life! […]

Style Tips: 7th December 2009

Monday 7th December Have a bed party as soon as you can! I am having one right now, & have been having one all day! Just me, Hank Williams, my brand new MacBook Pro (!!!) & a mug full of magical potion. It’s just what a dreary Monday demanded! Tuesday 8th December Celebrate Rohatsu, aka […]

Style Tips: 9th November 2009

From Romance by Chris Craymer. Monday 9th November Decide to devote your week to romance of all forms. Love for other people, for your home, & most importantly, for yourself. Draw a big heart on a Post-It note & put it somewhere prominent so that no matter what happens, you remember to respond with love […]

Style Tips: 26th October 2009

Tim Walker forever! Monday 26th October: Take intentionally ugly photos! Hideous photobooth strips are the best. Roll your eyes, make faces, do your best to look fiendish. It is Halloween after all! Tuesday 27th October: Read poems about werewolves. (!!!) The following poem is by Richard Brautigan, he is one of my favourites. (You can […]

Style Tips — 19th October 2009

I love selfhaircuts. Monday 19th October: Think about which colours really suit you. Try not to wear things just because you like the colour — that’s a good way to start out if all you normally wear is black or brown, but finding out which colours actually flatter you will completely transform the way you […]

Style Tips — 12th October 2009

Here are some ideas to get you through the week. What do you have planned that you’re excited about? I am so so so thrilled about being back in my favourite city with my favourite man & my favourite dog! AHHHH! Monday 12th October: Wear more glitter! A bit of shimmer around the eyes, some […]

Style Tips — 5th October 2009

I made these on Friday — recipe here!(Highly recommended, A++, would trade again!) Monday 5th October: Bake cupcakes while listening to White Zombie! (Food tastes better if you dance while you prepare it…) Tuesday 6th October: Cover your arms in butterfly temporary tattoos — from the tips of your fingers to the crest of your […]

Style Tips — 22nd September 2009

Start wearing a wrist ribbon. Buy lingerie which is totally out of character. Doing this is surprisingly fun, & quite hilarious. just sent me a bunch of stuff which makes me so happy — things I would ordinarily never think of wearing, but which I actually love. (I got these: By the way, those […]

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