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What Are Your Style Trademarks?

I saw this question asked on the blackcigarette Livejournal community & thought it was really interesting. I used to love the idea of having some piece of jewellery that I always wore — I really liked the idea of having a permanent identifier. Now I feel like it’s okay for my identity to be more […]

How To Settle Into A City (Part Two: Domestic)

My old house in Mt Eden. This is part two of How To Settle Into A City — the first part is here & focusses more on the social aspects of moving to a new city. While it’s all very well & good to have a raging social life (or to get preoccupied trying to […]

How To Settle Into A City (Part One: Social)

“I am moving to Auckland at the end of this year (with my boyfriend) so that I can attend university up there. How does one make friends? I’ve heard all the ‘take a class/join a club’ suggestions which I’m not suggesting aren’t valid, but I’ve taken many classes and haven’t really become great friends with […]

Cupcake Mania!

I love cupcakes. I find their aesthetic inspiring, but I also usually enjoy looking at them more than eating them. Most cupcakes are, in my experience, fairly disappointing on the tongue — except for the cupcakes at Crabapple Bakery in Prahran, Melbourne! Anyway, I am a fan. Proof: I named my mailing list in honor […]

What Does Your Clothing Say About You?

Have you ever thought about what message your clothing is projecting & what it says about you? What story do you think your outfit today told the world? No, no. Don’t keep reading. Pause for a second & think about it. When you leave the house in the morning (or the evening), what are you […]

Bags & Wallets Which Make Me Coo

I usually loathe backpacks, but Hideo Wakamatsu’s Randoseru backpack has changed all that. Apparently it is in the style of bags which Japanese children wear to school. I love it! It’s so sleek but the shape is so odd, & it looks like it would fit absolute piles of stuff in it. (I like my […]

How Do I Choose An Eyeshadow Which Suits Me?

“My mother is not one of those women who wears a lot of make-up. The most she’ll ever wear is foundation and powder. Unfortunately for me, that means she can’t give me tips or tricks on choosing or applying make-up. How do you choose an eyeshadow and once you’ve found one, how do you go […]

Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

The other day, I cleaned out my wardrobe. It didn’t take me long, since I already basically knew what had to go. When I was packing up my clothes to move to Australia, I was really dismayed by the amount of rubbish I’d collected… but packed it anyway, thinking that if I didn’t, I’d end […]

Buying Gifts For Teenage Girls

“I am off to a young cousin’s birthday festivity this weekend with no clue of what to get her for her 14th birthday. She is an aspiring and adorable trendsetter, with stacks of Vogue and dress sketches around her young room. However, in the ever competitive world of high school it can be difficult to […]

How To Pack A Suitcase

“Here’s a subject/question: travel. More specifically, how do you decide ahead of time what to bring with you on a trip? I decide so spur of the moment that I often end up over-packing. How do you pack when you are unsure of occasions you might hit or moods you might be in?” This is […]

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